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Carnival of the Cats #263

Oh, Hai!

A note from The Ladey: I am very sorry and have to apologize to all the participating cats and those of you who have been patiently waiting for this week's Carnival of the Cats. All I can say is: life happened again. The kids handsome man got sick with the flu and some other nasty infection and I was there to help him and see he is ok and additionally I was trying to catch up and reschedule my calender and had to squeeze in his meetings at work as well, so no deadlines would be missed and he can recover safely. Like Mom Robyn pointed out to me:  I am a perfectionist and so the carnival got delayed again rather then just throwing in some links and doing a "quick roundup". Sorry my friends!
Sally here: As you can see The Ladey has been too busy to help me doing this AGAIN! *sigh* But now with any further delay, here are the kitties of this weeks Carnival of the Cats:


  • Monica remembers MAKI, the kitten in the picture above. Unfortunately it already left for the big adventure at the Rainbow Bridge.
  • There was a green-eyed neighbour spotted last week at the Elms in the Yard. What a beauty!!
  • Over at Blog d'Elisson Hakuna and Neighbor seem to have not really become best friends  over the past several weeks. Story to be continued...




  • Cece has not been visiting Miz Mog for a few days but now he is back demanding his tem-tay-shuns.
  • Kismet is a very helpful kitty this week hekping his human to set up the new PC. What would the humans do without our help. huh?
  • Miss Scarlett says: "Cat Rule #7: Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything. Just sit and stare."


  • Getting ready fur a date Mewoza? *giggles*
  • Awwwww, did you ever see a more handsum and thoughtful mancat? Miz Mog thinks Meowza is just sleeping but ME finks he is the most thoughtful mancat ever!!
  • Meowza tummy *faint*


  • Don't miss our lovely friend Luna: She is a movie star this weekend!
  • Cute kitten pics and a birthday to celebrate: The LOST kittens are having their 2nd Birthday! ME says HAPPY PURRRFDAY!!
  • Gattina's kitties are thinking about the recent economy changes and thinking about alternative ways to find foodz...


  • Fracas and Rocky were busy helping their human artist. Life as a cat sometimes is sooooo hard!
  • Maddie and Ivy have won one of the prizes from last weeks CotC. Concatulations!
  • Another Birthday: The Hotties said Happy Birthday to their Uncle Roman



  • Shadow the Queen of the Panther House cats gives us a glimpse of some of her many kitty faces.
  • Denali at Kitty Kitty - is playing with her food. Well, who would not like to play with such lovely foodz? As she says "it tastes so much better this way"! ME agrees!
  • This ends this weeks Carnival of the Cats! We hope you had fun!

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5. von Rosa

A nice collection of cat pictures!

Thanks for your kind words...



vom 04.04.2009, 20.03
4. von Mrs Othello

Great job, Sally!

Fanks for coming and snuggling me Othello. I'm sure that's what's helping me feel better, not Aunty Biotiks. I'm feeling a bit better and want my treats now.
your Ladycat Free

Mrs Othellos last blog post...Gree sez Fanks :)

vom 01.04.2009, 18.29
3. von Elisson

It may have been late, but it was worth the wait! Excellent Carnival - thank you!

Elissons last blog post...HERE BE WISDOM

vom 01.04.2009, 00.35
2. von Miz Mog and Meowza

Wonderful carnival Salome. You did good, it was worth waiting for.

Meowza: Pawsome, thanks beeutiful ladycat. *sandpaper kissies blush*

Miz Mog and Meowzas last blog post...Tummy Tuesday #132

vom 31.03.2009, 23.44
1. von Cybrspin

Thanks for including my girl Shadow.

Lots of cute kittys :)


vom 31.03.2009, 22.57
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