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[breadbakingday] #03 - Bread with rye sourdough & whole grain spelt

bbd #03 This round is hosted by the fabulous bread baker Ulrike of Küchenlaten. As you might know I am not a passionate and proficient bread baker. Most of my breads are easy to whip up recipes to be made in my bread making machine. And sourdough scares me. I had several tries in the past and well - I have to admit they did not work out very well... My kitchen possibilities are very restricted as I am living in an one room apartment with a very small kitchen - I do not even have a oven, only a microwave with several baking functionalities. Aye - to cut a long story short: A few days ago I was talking with Mrs Q. about the current theme of bbd and she invited me to bake the bread in her wonderful kitchen. Thanks for that my dear by the way :smile: That's how the project began: One kitchen. Two woman. Lots of ideas. And finally the sourdough. Wanna know what we came up with? Well let's see... Mrs Q. did several researches about sourdough in the internet and began with the preperations one day before:

Preparing the sourdough

20 grams dried sourdough 300 ml water 200 grams rye flour
Dissolve 20 grams dried sourdough in 300 ml water. Add 200 grams rye flour. Wait for ~ 20 hours.
Our sourdough looked like this after 20 hours (klick pics to enlarge):
[breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein [breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein

The making of the bread :smile:

160 grams whole grain spelt flour 1/2 package dried yeast 4 grams salt
Combine all ingredients (including the sourdough from above) and knead for about 10 minutes. Let rise for 2,5 hours. Degas the dough and fill in your baking pan. Let rise again in the oven for 10 minutes while heating up to 230°C (open door). Bake the bread for 20 minutes at 200°C. Remove bread from baking dish and let cool down in the warm oven (open door). Thats how our bread looked like:
[breadbakingday] #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein After 2,5 hours rising & degasing. [breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein [breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein After rising for 10 minutes in the oven. [breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein [breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein After baking and cooling down.
To be honest it was the first bread with sourdough I made & liked. It tastes very good, we tried the first bites with plain butter and it tasted very delicious. So I think this qualifies the bread to be sumbitted to bbd #03... :smile: :;):
[breadbakingday]  #03 - bread with rye sourdough hosted by Küchenlatein

Other breads I've made for bbd:


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